FUSIAN x Olive

COLLAB Series | FUSIAN x Olive - an urban dive

Community is king. Our very own Brown St. + Team Leader, Mike Winn, shares with us the story and inspiration behind our newest FUSIAN x Olive COLLAB roll.

After the outer edges of the Rust Belt, just east of the Midwest but just short of Appalachia, lives a community you could call the river-valley equivalent of the Bermuda Triangle: the cities of Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, and everywhere in the middle. People have been getting caught up one way or another in the peculiar current here, fascinated by something they might not even be able to explain easily.

They begin to work.

They begin to focus their values, honing their sights on family. On the people around them. On their place within tradition.

Here, Olive and FUSIAN have found a home.

For the months of May and June, FUSIAN and Olive will be collaborating on a sushi roll that features both restaurants’ strengths and values, and gives a portion of the profits back to the community we depend on.

Each restaurant is its own community too though—a network of craftspeople, businesspeople, emerging leaders, seasoned veterans, and passionate part-time workers alike, who all support and depend on each other. Chefs Davig Kerg (Olive) and Nick Rivet (FUSIAN) have each made a playground out of local selections, engaging two of the oldest culinary traditions in the world to create a menu that’s as delicious as it is refreshingly familiar. Everything about our visions of doing the right thing, doing it well, growing right, and cultivating the community—it all depends on their work. Nick imagines a world full of restaurants like Olive and FUSIAN would be “full of happier people who care more about their food and what they eat.”

Their recipe would be a great start, which combines flavorful Mediterranean and Japanese elements. Fresh wild-caught ahi tuna tossed in FUSIAN’s sesame-chili marinade on brown rice with locally-sourced green onions, cucumbers, and carrots, roasted kalamata olives, sun-dried tomatoes, topped with a pancetta crunch topping, and Olive’s own patio herb dressing.

The test rolls disappeared fast.

For a dish that captures both Olive’s reputation for self-sustained gourmet excellence and FUSIAN’s rapidly-growing network built on skill and passion, it only makes sense that it should give back to the community we’ve both grown within. Proceeds from sales of the roll will go to Crayons to Classrooms, a nonprofit organization which directly supports teachers in the area. After all, the centuries and generations of masters, mothers, experts, and students who cultivated the traditions of Mediterranean and Japanese food are the real reason we’re able to do any of this.

All that time and passion certainly has a lot of power.

But doing anything well only matters because of the people doing it. Environment is more than the soil our food grows in—true environmental consciousness means building community. Building community means creating sustainability. "Doing the right thing" spreads and returns to itself this way. Ethics grow when you embrace the weight of your decisions, and once you begin, you can never go back. We are celebrating human excellence when we share the creation of something this good. And wow.

We are so excited to share this with you.