john wayne

Jammin' w/ John Wayne

Meet John Wayne: FUSIAN shift lead, musician, visual artist, and embodiment of Fusian’s fundamental values. We met up with John at his place to chat about his time at FUSIAN, what inspires him + doing the right thing. Check it out:

Q: How long have you been with TeamFUSIAN?

A: I started January 10, 2014. I remember that because after my first year with Fusian, Teresa gave me a gift to celebrate the work anniversary. So it’s been almost 3 years.

Q: So why FUSIAN?

A: The simple answer is because I’m happy working here. The complex answer is that I like the people I work for, and I like the friends and teammates I meet working here. The values of FUSIAN are easy to get behind. We focus on individuality and personal growth while rallying behind a set of core values that make us who we are as TeamFUSIAN. FUSIAN provides an honest, quality food option that people can feel great about eating.

Q: So what do you like most about what you do?

A: Seeing all the different kinds of people who eat here and work here. I’ve met people with so many different stories, people from all walks of life and all sorts of different fields. In the service industry, the bare minimum is serving other people. That’s obviously required. What makes our experience different is learning the stories of each person who walks in the door and creating a relationship with each customer and co-worker. Seeing people feel comfortable enough to open up and share their personalities in the workplace makes the FUSIAN experience unique and special.

Q: First time customer tip?

A: My suggestion is to not follow the suggestions and eat with your eyes.

Q: What’s your favorite roll?

A: Go-to roll: chicken and shrimp on soy with white rice. Jalapeno and carrot. Seasonal veggie. Topped with my secret sauce combo: sweet chili, sriracha, and sweet soy mixed together in a cup for dipping. Sweet soy, crunch, and sesame chili powder is a must.

Q: Favorite seasonal ingredients?

A: Strawberry and green apple.

Q: Favorite spot in Columbus?

A: Oldfields North Fourth Tavern is definitely my low key spot to go for drinks, pool, and hanging out with friends. The Short North is my favorite neighborhood in Columbus. There’s a great art scene, lots of things to do, and lots of thriving local businesses.

Check out this spot: Oldfields

Q: What’s your perfect day?

A: It could go many ways. Last weekend I had a perfect day with my girlfriend. We went to Cincinnati and spent some time shopping, went to an art museum, went to a brewery, ate some local grub, and hung out with friends. The best day is a day spent doing fun things and not spending a dime.

Q: Bucket list item?

A: Go to California. And fly on a plane, because I still have never been on a plane.

Q: One thing you can’t live without.

A: Music. I wouldn’t be who I am without listening to music and making music.

John Wayne’s top 10:

Q: What influences and inspires the music you make?

A: I always try to think about making music that is relatable. Being that I am an “artist”, I try to find that spot where I am being introspective in a way that other people can relate to, so that I have a point of leverage with them. I try to make music for the every day person, going to school, working their way through college, trying to live a great life and juggling all these different things. I gave up trying to make music that identifies itself as a certain genre. I want my music to have a message, but at the same time keep it simple enough to make people feel good. Instead of trying to preach to people, I try to make music to make people appreciate this life we have.

Check out John Wayne’s album DREAMS

Q: What’s your personal philosophy?

A: Do the right thing. It is my personal mantra, and one of FUSIAN’s fundamental values as well. It’s hard to always know what the right thing is, but you should always have the right intention in mind when you’re doing anything. Also, the golden rule. Strive for the greatness in others that you strive for in yourself. Also, RUN IT.

Q: Anything else we should know about you?

A: I’m the Sauce Boss. Being an artist and an art major, making sushi highlights my creativity. I take a personal initiative to provide a beautiful and delicious meal for each customer that walks in the door at FUSIAN.