Superfood Roll

COLLAB Series | Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe

We’ve teamed up with Alchemy Juice Bar + Cafe and Local Matters in support of healthy communities in Columbus.

From January 2nd through February 28th, both us and Alchemy will be serving plant-powered “superfood” menu items with one dollar from each sale benefitting Local Matters and their healthful food education program at Moler Elementary School.

“Educating kids about healthy food and why it’s important builds the framework for a strong and sustainable community,” says Zach Weprin, Co-Founder + CEO of FUSIAN. “We share a vision with Alchemy and Local Matters to provide engaging and inspiring experiences around food for children and their families, making this partnership a win for everyone.”

All funds raised from items sold will directly benefit Local Matters, specifically their work at Moler Elementary School, which educates over 500 students from pre-kindergarten through 6th grade. School administrators are working hard with Local Matters and other partners to transform the elementary school into a community hub by offering services to improve access to healthy foods, medical care and clothing. The money raised will support a culture of health at Moler Elementary by integrating healthful food education throughout the school and in after school programming.

In our shops you’ll find the “Superfood roll”, a colorful and nutritious roll with sweet + earthy flavors. The roll combines classic FUSIAN ingredients like seaweed, brown rice, roasted tofu, and avocado with Alchemy-inspired power-ups like pickled beets, roasted sweet potato, crunchy puffed quinoa, locally grown micro kale, and dragonfruit sauce. The Superfood roll will be available in our four Columbus locations (OSU, Easton, Grandview, and Clintonville) through February for $9.00/roll.

Stop in Alchemy to enjoy The Fusian Smoothie, a unique blend of cold-pressed orange juice, banana, pineapple, avocado, ginger, nori, and spirulina. Packed with antioxidants, fiber, and vitamin C, it’s sure to please taste buds of all ages! The FUSIAN smoothie will be available at Alchemy for $9.00 through February.

The partnership marks our first Columbus based Collab, a partnership series that offers exclusive menu items developed in partnership with local chefs to support the communities in which they operate. “Relationships thrive when everyone benefits,” said Stephan Harman, Co-Founder of FUSIAN. "Columbus is incredible to us. This is our way to give back and get creative for a good cause where everyone wins!”