lauren blake

Bowl'd Conversation with Lauren Blake

Welcome to the first installment of our new interview series, Bowl’d Conversations. We’ll be sharing a FUSIAN Inspired Bowl with a few inspiring friends and they’ll be sharing how food, nutrition and wellness make a positive impact on their lives. Pull up a seat!

First at the table is Lauren Blake of @wholelivinglauren. Lauren is a registered dietitian, blogger, wellness + health consultant, and whole food enthusiast. We met up at our FUSIAN Grandview test kitchen where Lauren tried the savory, sweet, and plant-based “Wholey Bowl” featuring loads of veggies, house roasted tofu, and whole-grain brown rice goodness. We chatted all things food, delving into her travel experiences and surprisingly childhood books! Lauren is excited about the current food scene in Ohio and happy to see brands like FUSIAN offering new vegan options, like the Wholey Bowl.

Q: What does a daily menu look like for you?

A: I love to start the morning off with a nutrient dense smoothie, I throw everything in there, from avocados or bananas as a base, to kale, berries, cauliflower, hemp seeds, and even zucchini. I like to eat those energy-giving foods first thing in the morning! Lately, I have been doing tons of soups for lunch and, of course, I snack a lot throughout the day too. Apples with almond butter or grapes with a peanut butter drizzle have been my go-to’s lately! We usually eat plant based at home for dinners too. Tonight’s menu is tempeh tacos wrapped in a collard green leaf. We try to veg-it-up!

Q: How does food play a part in your lifestyle?

A: Food is everything to me. It’s my job. It’s my passion. I work full time as a registered dietitian, and I do nutrition counseling as well. So, all day I talk about food! What I try to do is put a positive focus on food. I try not to make it about “what we can’t eat” or “what we shouldn’t eat”, rather what can we add to improve our lives and nourish our bodies. I focus a lot on behavior change with my clients, and I’ve found that this a huge key to success. I am also a blogger and an instagrammer, and most of my content is built around food! Between my blog, my Instagram, and my job and food demonstrations, food is a HUGE part of my life!

As a kid, my favorite books were ones that contained really colorful, vivid images of food. From a young age, I’ve always felt so passionate about food. My parents say they always knew I would do something like this as a career. Its social, its emotion, its so many things. It brings people together, and that is one of the things I love so much about creating food.

Check out more of Lauren’s pics and recipes at her website:

Q: What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned?

A: Have patience, keep trying, and stay true to yourself. I also think it’s important to learn through other people. My husband and I love to travel and see new places. Every time we do that, it teaches me something new. I live for travelling, and I love meeting people and learning from them along the way.

Q: What inspires you?

A: Meeting new people inspires me, and that’s one of the things I love about social media. You can see the creative things other people are doing. Again, travel is a big inspiration too. After visiting a new place, I love to try to re-create meals I had on my trips. That’s a huge inspiration for me!

Q: What is your food philosophy?

A: I love the quote “Eat real food, mostly plants” by Michael Pollan. My food philosophy is to opt for real food, and to know as much about your food choices as possible. I don’t try to push vegetarian or vegan diets on my clients, but I feel very passionate about incorporating as much plant-based food as possible. It’s about preventing chronic disease and nourishing yourself, because we are what we eat. Keep it simple.

Q: How do you choose where to eat?

A: My husband and I love going to restaurants we can walk to. I always love a nice patio, or somewhere with an ambiance. I care a lot about supporting companies that use the right ingredients, and that’s why I love FUSIAN! I like knowing where my food is sourced, and I love having options!