Kev Al

Kickin' it w/ Kev

Meet Kevin Allen: FUSIAN operating partner, taco lover, and golf aficionado. We met up with Kevin to chat about his career at FUSIAN, his love for competition, and his personal philosophy on how to RUN IT. Check it out:

Q: Why Fusian?

A: The FUSIAN culture is what makes me want to come to work everyday. Here at the OSU store, we are a team of ride-or-die sushi rollers, who all bring something unique to the table. It’s a place where fun, hard work, and passion all come together to create an amazing product and experience for our guests. I also really enjoy being able to get out in the Columbus community several times a year and connect people through food. Over the years I have served at zoos, art museums, sporting events, sororities, and community events. Each one was an unforgettable experience that I wouldn’t trade for anything!

Q: Favorite spot in town?

A: Oldfield’s! Dan, the owner, instills the same culture in his bar that FUSIAN aims for in our stores. It feels like family there! The beer is good as well.

Q: First time customer tips?

A: Sesame soy and creamy togarashi are a must!

You can find this this combo in our new inspired bowls which are available in our #FUSIANTestKitchen in Grandview, or at our Clintonville or Toledo stores!

Q: What’s the last book you read?

A: It would be the second Game of Thrones book, then I got stuck in the first chapter of the third book. I decided to just wait for the show to come out!

Q: What do you like most about what you do?

A: I love interacting with different people every day. From serving customers on the line, to the team I am surrounded by, I get to interact with great people all day!

Q: Favorite seasonal veggie?

A: Strawberries. I grew up going to the Troy strawberry fest and that made me a huge strawberry fan! You gotta try them in the pb & j roll!

Q: What’s your personal philosophy?

A: RUN IT. Should we dive into what that means? For me, it’s going as hard as possible, and taking the opportunities that you want professionally. Originally it was based off the J Cole song; it’s an attitude and a philosophy.

speaking of J Cole, check out Kev’s 10 song HOT FIRE playlist:

Q: What are 3 things you can’t live without?

A: The first would be competition. I love getting outdoors and doing competitive activities. Even though most of my rounds of golf involve having a couple of beers, trying to beat friends out on the course is my favorite part. Playing pick-up basketball games are the same, except they get a little more intense. My friends and I really like to get at it and talk some trash. Whoever loses usually doesn’t hear the end of it for awhile.

Secondly, fun social events with friends are something I can’t live without. I constantly like to be around AMAZING people (most of my friends work at Fusian). Whether it’s barbecues on Sunday, parties, skating through Columbus, or getting together for drinks, I just enjoying spending time with friends.

The final thing I can’t live without is the ability to be “hands-on”, I really enjoy constructing just about anything. Coming up with an original idea and then taking past experience, coupled with the elements you have around you, to build something unique or beautiful is a big passion of mine. I’ve done this mostly through the construction and culinary fields. I’ve found both fields to be very rewarding because you can visually see your hard work and then see the reaction on the guest or customers face.

Q: What’s your favorite roll?

A: Soy wrap, white rice, chicken, jalapeno, avocado, and cucumber. And I usually get sweet chili and sriracha on top!

Q: Describe your perfect day?

A: My perfect day would start with an 11 am wake up. I’d be on the golf course by noon with my buddies. After golf, some food and beer on a patio would be good!