FUSIAN & New Albany
*pictured left to right* - michael sawyers - chief of operations, new albany schools rebecca jenkins - treasurer, new albany schools, josh weprin - fusian co-founder, stephan harman - fusian co-founder, and pam charles - director of food services, new albany schools

Sushi in Schools comes to Central Ohio!

Beginning Jan. 10th, students at New Albany Middle + High Schools will be eating sushi for lunch.

Just after the new year, we will be joining the New Albany lunch program and serving sushi every Friday to young minds in one of the state’s finest school districts. This partnership came at the request of students, parents, and administrators in an effort to offer a more eclectic and healthy meal option. We’re proud to partner with New Albany and work to further their mission “to ensure the development of high-achieving, ethical, self-directed, and intellectually curious citizens of the world.”

Sushi in Schools was developed in 2011 as a community initiative to educate local students on the history and preparation of sushi. The program quickly evolved into a lunchroom meal option, and with the addition of New Albany, FUSIAN now serves sushi in 23 public and private institutions across the region.

For more information on Sushi in Schools or to find out how your school can get involved please email