Linking w/ Lucas

Meet Lucas: Operating Partner at FUSIAN Clintonville, board-gamer, and mango enthusiast. We met up with Lucas to chat about what has kept him at FUSIAN, his love for reading books, and his idea of the perfect day! Check it out: Read More


Saucin' w/ Sara

Meet Sara: Team Development Specialist at FUSIAN Clifton, Belieber, and Mexican food fanatic. We met up with Sara to chat about what brought her to FUSIAN, her love for pandas, and her passion for discovering new hiking spots! Check it out:
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Jammin' w/ Jazzie

Meet Jazzie: FUSIAN operating partner, strawberry lover, and video game queen. We met up with Jazzie to chat about her career at FUSIAN, her love for margaritas and J Cole, and her personal philosophy on the importance of trying! Check it out:
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Catching up w/ Crystal

Meet Crystal: Free spirit, music enthusiast, and #TeamFUSIAN all star shift-leader. Crystal chatted with us about her personal philosophy, her love for the downtown Cincinnati FUSIAN, and her idea of a perfect day! Check it out! Read More