Linking w/ Lucas

Meet Lucas: Operating Partner at FUSIAN Clintonville, board-gamer, and mango enthusiast. We met up with Lucas to chat about what has kept him at FUSIAN, his love for reading books, and his idea of the perfect day! Check it out: Read More


Bowl'd Conversation with Darcey Wion

Welcome to the next installment of our interview series, Bowl’d Conversations. Check our latest convo with fitness star, System of Strength Trainer, and cancer survivor, Darcey Wion!

For this installment of bowl’d conversations we sat down with Darcey. She is currently a finalist in the quest to become Women’s Health Magazine’s Next Fitness Star! We met up at FUSIAN Clintonville and Darcey built her own bowl which featured our citrus dressed kale, Scottish salmon, cucumbers, carrots, beets, and shelled edamame, tossed in our house made miso-ponzu dressing and topped with green onions and chopped almonds. Sounds good, right?

We’re featuring Darcey’s bowl in our Clintonville location all week leading up to a very special event on Sunday, July 30th! Read Darcey’s interview below for all of the info on how you can swEAT like a fitness star.

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Saucin' w/ Sara

Meet Sara: Team Development Specialist at FUSIAN Clifton, Belieber, and Mexican food fanatic. We met up with Sara to chat about what brought her to FUSIAN, her love for pandas, and her passion for discovering new hiking spots! Check it out:
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Bowl'd Conversation with JL Holdsworth

Welcome to the next installment of our interview series, Bowl’d Conversations. We’ll be sharing a FUSIAN Inspired Bowl with a few inspiring friends and they’ll be sharing how food, nutrition and wellness make a positive impact on their lives. Check our latest convo with business owner, strength coach, and competitive power lifter, JL Holdsworth Read More


Jammin' w/ Jazzie

Meet Jazzie: FUSIAN operating partner, strawberry lover, and video game queen. We met up with Jazzie to chat about her career at FUSIAN, her love for margaritas and J Cole, and her personal philosophy on the importance of trying! Check it out:
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