Bennett + Teresa

GUEST BLOGGER: Through The Eyes of a Student

My name is Bennett Smith, I am a sophomore at the Seven Hills School in Cincinnati and I love sushi… Read More

gluten free

Gluten Free at FUSIAN

Gluten free diets are more prominent than ever and today we learn how to navigate our way around gluten at FUSIAN. Read More

Caleb Baumgardner, OP - Columbus

A Taste of TEAMFUSIAN w/ Caleb

FUSIAN (OSU) celebrated it’s first birthday last month, and over the past year we’ve enjoyed making new friends with students and residents in Columbus.

In this edition of the TASTE OF TEAMFUSIAN, we’re featuring our 11th Ave. Operating Partner, Caleb Baumgardner. This 23 year-old Cincinnati native, long boarder, and coffee connoisseur shares with us his story, his passions, and what keeps him going… Read More

Centerville 2015

Hello Dayton... We're coming to Centerville!

We’re bringing a second FUSIAN location to Dayton next spring as we join the neighborhood in Washington Township. Read More

TEAMFUSIAN Holiday Party

TEAMFUSIAN goes ice skating!

Last night TEAMFUSIAN went ice skating… it was our way to celebrate the holidays with our entire FUSIAN family! Read More